American Axle Campus – Acquisition and New Construction

Detroit, Michigan – Acquisition and New World HQ Construction


American Axle (AAM) made a strategic, corporate decision to commit to constructing a new world headquarters at our Detroit facility.  The relocation of their 2,000 employees had a significant impact on the city’s income tax revenue.


We negotiated the sale of 43.7 open acres to AAM. AAM’s vision was to create a campus-like environment on the property with significantly expanded square footage and employees, parking will be a premium.June 30, 2014, ICP purchased the site with an occupancy rate of 55%. AAM now leases Parcel A & B and 10 additional acres for truck storage, making the project 100% occupied.


The American Axle Manufacturing Campus consists of 108 acres and two manufacturing buildings totaling 648,023 sq. ft. The entirety of the site is leased to American Axle (“AAM”) and serves as the company’s World Headquarters.

The facility houses a multitude of AAM’s business functions, managing all other facilities around the world to deliver superior driveline, drivetrain and chassis systems, metal formed products and services.

American Axle Campus – Acquisition and New Construction

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Key Facts

Total Building Size: 650000
Industrial Commercial Properties LLC
6110 Parkland Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44124
Phone: 440-539-1046


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