The ICP Process

Sales & Development

ICP has mastered an innovative process of using real estate to help our clients reduce operating costs, improve inefficiencies, increase productivity, and create jobs. We are with you every step of the real estate development process.

The sales and real estate development team will walk through your facility, discuss your current challenges and needs, all with the goal of locating the right property and plan a build-out that will maximize the facility and prime your business for growth.

ICP has more than 46 million square feet of industrial, commercial, office and retail under ownership. However,  we’re looking for the most cost-effective way to get you into a space – whether it already exists in our portfolio, needs to be creatively redeveloped or needs to be acquired for you – that will meet your specific needs.

Industrial Commercial Construction

Our construction division, Industrial Commercial Construction, offers full general contractor services backed by our creative, customized and cost-effective real estate solutions that are specifically planned to meet your needs. We specialize in rehabilitating large retail centers, massive industrial spaces, blighted or abandoned buildings, brownfields and other challenging properties. Our team also has expertise in commercial construction of single- and multi-tenant facilities and have converted thousands of square feet of office and mixed-use facilities into industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities that are specifically customized to our tenants’ needs.


Industrial Commercial Properties not only wants you to see what you are getting, but we also we want you to experience it and understand it. Our in-house engineers can create a solution for your real estate needs that will be customized to your specific requirements. These dedicated professionals have extensive knowledge in manufacturing, distribution and office space design. Their decades of experience and personal relationships within the industry give them the right mix of creativity, ingenuity, practicality and purpose.
Industrial Commercial Properties LLC
6110 Parkland Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44124
Phone: 440-539-1046


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