The ICP Team

Your Partners in Commercial Real Estate

The team at ICP/ICC encompasses professionals from all aspects of the commercial real estate business. Our team is comprised of experts in industrial, office and retail properties, development, legal, architectural, engineering, construction and environmental. With decades of experience in the industrial and commercial real estate industry, ICP’s pros can quickly identify needs on a case-by-case basis and deliver unique solutions.

ICP Team Members

Chris Salata
Austin Semarjian
Bill Kern
Keith Brandt
Dean Miller
Andy Hill
Bennett Morrison
Jeffrey Martin
Greg Scott
Armand Aghajanian
Greg Deming
Michelle Nicholson
Kohl Kirkland
Ann Hodges
Jessica Stropko
Jamison Supanich
Stephen Giovannelli

ICC Team Members

Jake Rutkowski
Pat Foran
Mike Shanahan, LEED AP
Joe Marko
Joe Mahorney
Frank Sara
Gigi Krasovec
Cari DeLauro
Jessica Hudson
Mark Busta
Vern Nance
Ben Heckerman
Kevin Hutchison
Industrial Commercial Properties LLC
6110 Parkland Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44124
Phone: 440-539-1046


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