Jade-Sterling Steel Co. Inc.

Bedford Hts., OH – Jade-Sterling Steel Co. Inc. Challenge The vacant Earle M. Jorgensen Steel Co. property became available for sale in 2021. Existing buildings

Former Chevy Plant, Parma Ohio

General Motors closed the 575,000-square-foot former Chevy Transmission Plant in 2011. A local ownership group acquired the building in May of 2011 and the property housed various tenants over the last decade without significant improvements and never reaching full occupancy.

Former Ford Motor Company Transmission Plant in Batavia, Ohio

In 2008, Ford Motor Company closed its transmission plant in Batavia, Ohio, vacating their 1.8 million-square-foot campus. This closure resulted in the loss of over 1,700 jobs, delivering an economic blow to the community and the region.

Former General Motors Assembly Plant

General Motors (GM), one of America’s top automotive manufacturers, shut down its Moraine assembly plant in 2008, devastating over 2,000 workers as well as the local economy. GM’s 3.9-million-square-foot campus, located on over 200 acres, remained vacant until 2011 when a GM bankruptcy agreement made it available for purchase.

Former GM Research/Tech Center

General Motor’s bankruptcy in 2009 left vacancies throughout the country, including the manufacturing and assembly plant known as Pontiac Centerpoint Campus Central and West. The 1.2 million-square-foot former engineering building was completed in 1994 and included office and light industrial.

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